Contract Analysis

Contract analysis

Biomotif can now offer "fee-for-service" contract analysis with our HX-IA Instrument and mass spectrometry for drug development and target validation. We perform H/D exchange studies and analysis of alterations in protein structure following protein/protein or protein/ligand complex formation.

- How many binding sites and where on the target does the drug bind? (Conformational Epitope Mapping)

- Conformational changes due to modifications such as new formulation or new buffer etc.

Pre-concentration of potent peptide or protein drug candidates with ElectroCapture technology.

Tag (derivatize) funtional groups (steriods, hormones and more...) and use our Compound Fishing-Epitope Imprinting technology to affinity capture and detect at ultra low levels in complex biological matrixes.

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Download information about HT-HDX and HDX analysis below!

Reference customers:

  • KaroBio AB
  • AstraZeneca
  • UCB
  • Uppsala University
  • Lund University
  • Stockhold University
  • Sprint Bioscience
  • Linée University
  • Kalmar University


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